What do I use?

One of the first questions people ask when they hear you do sound work is “What software do you use?” ┬áSo let me drop this list on you:

  • Pro Tools 11 on my home laptop rig
  • Pro Tools 10 HD on my work rig
  • Ableton Live 8
  • Reason 6.5
  • Reaktor 5
  • Sound Toys Bundle 5
  • Slate VCC
  • Slate VBC
  • Slate VTM
  • Slate FG-X
  • iZotope RX4
  • iZotope Alloy 2
  • iZotope Trash 2
  • iZotope Breaktweaker
  • iZotope Iris 2
  • iZotope Stutter Edit
  • Waves MaxBass
  • Omnisphere 2

I think the products I’ve been using the most lately are Reaktor and the Sound Toys bundle. ┬áReaktor is such an amazing piece of software, and the user base is constantly developing new ensembles and they are usually free, so it is an ever expanding swiss army knife of effects, synthesizers, sample manipulators, and beat machines.

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